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Help Create an Atmosphere of Belonging and Inclusion in Utah's Schools


All students in Utah have the right to receive an education in a safe and inclusive environment, one that’s free from harassment and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and physical and mental abilities. Creating equitable, inclusive classrooms for ALL Utah kids means our state will have happier, healthier adults who are more likely to be financially stable and more civically engaged, and less likely to become involved in the criminal justice system.


Learn how you can be involved in promoting safe and inclusive classrooms throughout Utah:

Get Involved

Continue Your Equity Journey


Learn about the impacts of systemic racism on communities, individuals, and children using our equity resources.


Equity Terms Glossary >

Equity Resources >

Write to Your Legislators


Stay informed during the 2023 Legislative Session. Sign up for United Way of Salt Lake action alerts to be notified of when to write your legislators regarding updates to policies surrounding belonging and inclusion in schools.

Sign Up for Action Alerts >

Have Thoughtful Conversations


Learn how to frame your conversations around equity in education to promote long-term change and to constructively teach those around you about how structural inequities present themselves in our education system.

Frameworks Institute Guide >

Engage with Your School Board


Learn how you can get involved with your local school board by attending meetings or running for a position.


How to Run for School Board >

Send a Letter to the Editor


Write to your local newspaper and share your thoughts about why creating inclusive and belonging environments in our local schools is necessary for our community.


How to Write a Letter to the Editor >

Resources around Belonging in Utah Schools


Learn how local school districts, universities, and parent-led groups are celebrating diversity, addressing hate, and promoting inclusive schools.

Join the Coalition

Add your name to the growing list of supporters who vow to create inclusive school atmospheres and communities where all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and physical and mental abilities, feel like they belong.

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