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United Way of Salt Lake’s Big Wins (and Losses) of the 2019 Legislative Session

By Elizabeth Garbe, Senior Director, Government Relations and Public Policy at United Way of Salt Lake After a difficult first two weeks of the 2019 General Session, we were able to end on a high note with most of our priority bills passing and getting funded. Here are the highlights on the big wins and […]

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United Way of Salt Lake: Helping Parents Gauge A Child’s Development

Children start learning long before their first day of kindergarten. From the time they are born, children are learning from their parents, family members, and other loved ones. “Parents are every student’s first teachers,” said Igor Limansky, United Way of Salt Lake’s grassroots engagement director. “We want all parents to know that they are equal […]

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Thank You for Joining Us at the Young Leaders Annual Event!

by Chelsea Nelson Interactive Communications Director This past Friday night, United Way of Salt Lake held its 6th Young Leaders Annual Event. This is one of our favorite events of the year – held at The Depot with great people, music, food, drinks, prizes, and fundraising for early childhood education! This yearly event is a […]

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Reliving the 80's at the Young Leader Annual Event!

by Selena Benson Young Leader Member Guest Blogger Friday night’s United Way Young Leaders Annual Event took me back to the 80s.  Since we’re all young leaders (emphasis on young) we are barely old enough to remember the 80s. Well, perhaps some of us are hanging on with a thread to “young” and are a […]

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