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Kearns Community Schools Create Summer Learning Packets to Prevent Learning Loss

By Kelly Schmidt, Content Manager at United Way of Salt Lake West Kearns Elementary was in a bit of a bind coming into the end of the 2018-2019 school year. With classes winding down, Community School Director, DeLayna Wilhelmsen, realized West Kearns needed to make a plan to keep its roughly 700 students engaged and […]

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Help UWSL’s Kearns Community Schools Spread the Word About Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration

Kelly Schmidt, Content Manager at United Way of Salt Lake Being ready to learn in kindergarten is a game changer for kids. When they are kindergarten ready, students are more likely to have a foundation that supports future learning and better health. But many parents in the communities United Way of Salt Lake serves aren’t […]

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Nour fled Syria in hopes of a better future. Her mentor showed her that future was possible.

By Kelly Schmidt, content manager at United Way of Salt Lake Nour was barely a teenager when an unexpected knock came at the door of her family’s home in Syria. On the other side were armed soldiers — there to arrest her father for reasons they never bothered to make particularly clear. “That’s the way […]

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Finding the Meaning of "Langosta" – and Why I Volunteer!

by Allison Temnick Community Investment Advisor “Langosta,” a little eight-year old voice said quietly. “What?” I replied, confused. “I said, do you have any pets, Oscar?” Again he whispered, “langosta.” I was thrilled that he had finally said something, even if I didn’t understand it. My junior year in high school I was asked if […]

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Tis the Season…..for VOLUNTEERING!

by Ashley Hillman Community Collaborations Director The birds are starting to chirp, tulips and daffodils are emerging from their winter’s slumber, and the days of sunshine extend well into the evening hours. Tis the season…..for volunteering! Nicer weather and longer days are two perfect conditions to donate some of your time to help cultivate a […]

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