SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- It is the 24th Annual United Way Day of Caring.

4,000 volunteers from 120 local companies are in local neighborhoods working on completing 130 projects.

16,000 volunteer hours produced Wednesday will help save local governments nearly $440,000 in services.

Those volunteers are spread out across Davis, Summit and Salt Lake County.

Volunteers will work with homeowner on lawn care, fencing and maintenance. Others will clean up parks and trails. Many will read to kids and show them why they are important.

It’s why the Mayor of South Salt Lake Cherie Wood traded in her business attire to get down and dirty.

“The ability to go in and be at somebody’s level and tell them you care and you are there to do service,” said the Mayor.

It’s that service the President of United Way Bill Crim saw at a young age.

“I just got exposed in our community to homelessness and poverty and I was shocked, how can that be that we have those challenges here in what seemed like a community that had everything,” said Crim. “So many kids show up for school and they haven’t had the same opportunities that most of us take for granted.”

One person who has been with United Ways Day of Caring from the beginning is Dallen Robinson. For 23 years Robinson said, he works for the kids. Robinson helps United Way at Camp K and the Bountiful Food Pantry.

“[It] just means a lot to me and to see the results and see the happiness on the kids faces to get on the horse or able to do the things they can’t at those places,” said Robinson.

At the end of the day United Ways Day of Caring is about families and kids.

“So many kids show up for school and they are hungry and they haven’t had adequate healthcare. Their parent’s are working multiple jobs and haven’t had time to read to them,” said Crim. “And, thats why we need to come together to really overcome those challenges. In a way that gives those kids a better platform for success.”

Telling the future of Utah, ‘It’s Because I Care.’

It’s not too late. You too can get involved.

If you would like to get involved with the United Way and volunteer click here or make a monetary donation here.