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Introducing Salesforce

Philanthropy Cloud

Powered by United Way

The future of philanthropy is here.

United Way and have partnered to introduce a revolutionary new platform that inspires, connects, and empowers employees and organizations to maximize their giving power. Philanthropy Cloud is the first-ever global platform that connects employees, customers, and partners with the causes they care about the most. A digital solution where corporate and personal social responsibility intersect, Philanthropy Cloud will not only make giving accessible, easier and more effective—it will change the face of philanthropy as we know it.

For Companies

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud offers companies a beautiful, intelligent, and intuitive employee giving app. Enjoy access to campaign management and realtime dashboards to assess personal, corporate, and community impact.

For Individuals

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud offers a personalized platform for creating change in your local communities. Host fundraisers, measure your impact, and track your footprints throughout your giving journey.

Welcome to the future of philanthropy. Welcome to Philanthropy Cloud.

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In the News and United Way team up to change corporate giving

Fast Company
Their new app called Philanthropy Cloud lets corporate employees have a record of all their matched giving–and will help guide them to other organizations, information, and ways to help in person.

Announcing Philanthropy Cloud

At, we are excited to usher in a new era of corporate philanthropy. Philanthropy Cloud is a revolutionary new marketplace for giving, a first of its kind network platform to connect corporations, employees and nonprofits at scale.

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