Scott McLeod

Vice President of Collective Impact Partnerships

Scott McLeod is committed to promoting equity in our society and sees education as the pivotal force in achieving this reality. In Utah, like many other states, students’ success in school is predicted largely by their socio-economic status and race. Moreover, rather than shrinking, the achievement gap continues to grow. Using the skills he has learned as a facilitator, management consultant, researcher, educator, and policy wonk, Scott connects organizations from different sectors to build both systematic and systemic solutions so children get a real chance at success.

Scott earned his undergraduate degree in Sociology from Middlebury College, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Utah.  He has worked at United Way of Salt Lake since 2012 and has held multiple roles including Community School Director, Community Collaborations Director, Senior Director of Community School Partnerships, and most recently, VP of Collective Impact Partnerships.  United Way works diligently with partners to create “cradle to career pipelines” for highly impacted students to guarantee their success in early childhood, school, college, and eventually a successful career.