Stacey Earle

Vice President, Human Resources & Administration

Stacey joined United Way of Salt Lake in 2011, as the sole human resources representative and office manager. In her tenure, she has expanded the team and value add of human resources. She has redesigned how the organization approaches talent and built a comprehensive strategy to support team member growth and engagement focused on UWSL’s goals. She cares deeply about the UWSL team, who drive the culture and success of the organization. Stacey believes that understanding the needs of team members through listening and collaboration creates a space of trust and commitment – resulting in the best outcomes for our communities.

Her career experience with small to mid-size companies and organizations includes strategic HR planning and implementation, compensation, benefits, employee relations, policy development, performance, and risk management. Stacey is committed to the core principles of ethical leadership and promoting fairness and justice for all, upholding the highest standards of practice when it comes to fair pay, inclusive hiring practices, equitable opportunities, and advancement.

Prior to joining United Way, she held the role of Operations Director at Utah Health Policy Project, focused on the passage of the Affordable Care Act and ongoing Medicaid expansion. She received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah, has a certificate in Human Resource Management, is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management from which she is credentialed as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). In 2021, she received an HR Achievement Award from Utah Business Magazine.