alison-cundiffby Alison Cundiff
Corporate Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Corporate volunteer programs are some of the most effective ways to engage employees in corporate philanthropy efforts. In addition, employees are seeking a higher level of engagement from the workplace than ever before. Here are 10 important statistics about employee volunteering taken from a JK Group blog.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.39.24 PMVolunteering = healthy employees: In 2013 study by UnitedHealth Group and the Optum Institute, respondents indicated how volunteering impacted their overall health and mood:

  1. 94% said volunteering improves their overall mood
  2. 96% said volunteering enriches their life with a sense of purpose
  3. 78% said volunteering helps lower their stress levels
  4. 76% said volunteering makes them feel healthier

Volunteering = workplace friendship and teamwork: Volunteering brings teams and employees together.

  1. 77% of millennials would prefer to volunteer with their coworkers
  2. 39% of managers are more likely to volunteer if their CEO does
  3. 64% of employees who volunteered in the UnitedHealth study said volunteering with their coworkers strengthened work relationships

Employees want to volunteer at work!

  1. Company-wide day of service is the most successful employee volunteer program in terms o participation numbers
  2. Paid-time off (PTO) for volunteering has become an increasingly popular volunteer program offered by employers, growing from 54% to 59% in the past two years
  3. Two-thirds of today’s workforce feels overwhelmed by their work-employers can facilitate this by offering opportunities to get out and volunteer

If you are interested in setting up an employee volunteer program, please contact Alison Cundiff for more information on how you and your employees can help CHANGE THE ODDS for all kids and families in our community!