Our Work — United Way Salt Lake
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Our Work

Our mission is to change the world, and it starts in our own backyard. Through partnerships that bring people and organizations together, we’re giving everyone the chance to live their best life.

Our Community Faces Many Challenges

United Way of Salt Lake works on tough issues along the Wasatch Front where:


32% of young people

(0-24) in the Promise Partnership region are low-income.


Only 48% of low-income third graders

are reading at grade level.


34% of low-income families

do not have health insurance.

What makes us different?

We’re changing the way organizations, communities, businesses, schools, governments, and individuals work to fix complex social problems. Together, we can help every child and family in our region succeed in school and in life.

Promise Partnerships

How Do We Change the Odds?

We Build Partnerships

First, we connect individuals in need to the right services, at the right time, through Utah 211.

Then, we work in schools and bring community resources together to remove barriers and support learning.

Next, we link schools in a neighborhood or community and unite around a shared vision.

Finally, we align big systems to support the work on the ground with policy and coordinated action to achieve change that lasts.

Our goals go beyond short-term charity for a few.

Lasting change starts with our youngest children. By preparing and supporting them in school, connecting family and community support, and providing education and growth opportunities, we can create healthier, more financially stable communities.

See How


“Because of the help I received, I now work to give back and help other families who just want a better life for their kids.”

Adriana, who now volunteers at the same Community School where she learned English as a second language after emigrating from Mexico.


“I am working to be the first person in my family to graduate from high school and go to college. It makes me feel really special to work toward my goals.”

Debora, a sophomore who, instead of sticking with the wrong crowd, made her education a priority with the help of tutoring and mentoring programs.