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Share your expertise and help transform your community.

Your knowledge of your own community is an invaluable resource. Share your experience and expertise by participating in a community-based project at United Way of Salt Lake. We are looking for community members who are interested in working with United Way to contribute opinions and ideas that will help inform and direct the work we do.

Find a community-based research project below that you would like to contribute to or fill out our general interest form and we'll let you know when more opportunities arise.

Please note: To keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our community-based research opportunities will take place online until further notice. They will be hosted on Zoom or a similar video chat platform.

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Práctica y Beneficios de Lectura

Duración: 1 hora
Compensación: $25
Calificaciones: Padres y cuidadores de habla hispana, que tengan niño(a)s atendiendo la escuela de West Kearns Elementary, habiten en el area de Kearns.

Descripción: Estamos llevando a cabo un estudio comunitario centrado en aprender de las prácticas de lectura en el hogar y los beneficios de leer en el idioma nativo. Lo que aprendemos de esta entrevista se utilizará para entender las prácticas de lectura en casa y asociar a la comunidad a donde puedan aprender más sobre los beneficios de leer en su idioma nativo.

The Road to Financial Stability

Duration: 2 hours
Compensation: $45
Qualifications: Live in Salt Lake County and have past or current experience with financial instability. 

Description: We are conducting focus groups to better understand the effects of financial instability on the well-being of families in our communities. What we learn from this project will be used to better understand how our communities experience financial instability and create effective strategies to support an inclusive, effective community recovery from the pandemic.

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El camino hacia estabilidad financiera

Duración: 2 horas
Compensación: $45
Calificaciones: Vivir en Salt Lake County; Tiene experiencia con o actualmente está experimentando inestabilidad financiera 

Descripción: Estamos haciendo un grupo de enfoque para mejor entender los efectos de inestabilidad financiera en la salud y bienestar. Lo que aprendamos de su participación en un grupo de enfoque se utilizará para comprender los efectos de la inestabilidad financiera y crear estrategias más efectivas para recuperar de la pandemia como comunidad.

BIPOC Students' Scholarship Experiences

Duration: 1 hour
Compensation: $25
Qualifications: Students must identify as BIPOC and must have been accepted to a scholarship program and attended a college or university in Utah within the past 2 years.

Description: This research focuses on understanding what supports and resources, beyond scholarships, are needed to help BIPOC students complete higher education. We will work with students who experiencing challenges while a part of scholarship program or who are no longer part of a scholarship program to better understand their experiences and identify supports and challenges.

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Exploration of UndocuScholars' Pathways to Higher Education

Duration: 1 hour
Compensation: $25
Qualifications: Undocumented students with or without DACA. High School seniors and current higher ed. students who have gone through the application process for higher education.

Description: This project focuses on identifying current barriers and best practices for high school counselors supporting undocumented students in accessing resources and pursuing higher education. We will be conducting interviews with the students to learn about their experiences pursuing higher education after conducting surveys with school counselors and other undocumented students. From the research we hope to design a best practice document or training that can support school counselors and educators to help undocumented students.

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Support Systems for Students of Color

Duration: 3 hours
Compensation: $90
Qualifications:Students of color attending Kearns Jr. High, Thomas Jefferson Jr. High, or Kearns High School.

Description: The purpose of this research project is to identify the support systems that exist at school and in the community for students of color in middle school and high school to feel safe, welcomed, and supported. This project will consist of a virtual meeting, photovoice exercise, workshop, and photo gallery. What we learn from this project will be used to continue the conversation about what student safety looks like in Kearns from a student's perspective.

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General Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in our Community-Based Research Studies. We will be adding new opportunities throughout the year. If you would like to participate in our studies, but there is not currently an opportunity that you are eligable for or interested in, please fill out your contact information below and we will be in touch when new projects arise.