Image by Tony Hull

The Young Leaders Member of the Year exemplifies outstanding commitment to creating lasting change by promoting philanthropy and civic engagement with the next generation of business and community leaders.

When you walk up to the second floor of the Guadalupe School with Christy Thayne, you immediately and simultaneously feel two sensations – one awesome and one awful.

ImageYou are left in awe at how she finds a way to fit in, how she’s included, admired, and enjoyed by the children she interacts with. They love her. They love when she comes to spend time with them. You can see the emotion in their eyes and their smiles as they run up and hug her and hang on her for attention. She loves the kids and they know it. They know she enjoys being there and being with them. She knows their names and gives them individual attention. It is truly awesome. But then you feel awful that you haven’t been there enough, and haven’t given back enough. Christy has motivated so many because she makes us all want to come back, do better, love more, and give more. She is a devoted member who consistently inspires the rest of us to LIVE UNITED.

That is what makes Christy beyond deserving of the Young Leaders Member of the Year award. Congratulations Christy, you are such a wonderful example to the rest of us! Thank you for all you do!