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Yesterday, United Way of Salt Lake held its annual Legislative Preview Breakfast with over 400 people in attendance. UWSL presented its public policy agenda for the upcoming session and offered community and business leaders, nonprofit organizations and others, the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with legislative leaders about issues facing all Utahns.

Panelists included Speaker Greg Hughes, House Minority Leader Brian King, Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerlund, and Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis.

UWSL’s 2015 Legislative Priorities:

Education: Community Schools

A Community School creates the capacity and focus on facilitating the effective collaboration necessary to ensure all children are successful, particularly in schools that are highly impacted by poverty. Watch the video below to find out more about Community Schools!

Community Schools Video

Basic Needs: 2-1-1 Information and Referral

Another top priority of United Way is to ensure continued funding for the crucial 2-1-1 Information and Referral service by building upon the existing public-private partnership funding structure that includes funds from the state and continued private funding through United Way. The funding will ensure this free, statewide service can continue to provide quality, up-to-date information to Utahns in need and those seeking opportunities to volunteer.

United Way 2-1-1
Health: Healthy Utah Medicaid Expansion Plan

United Way of Salt is also supporting Healthy Utah, the Governor’s unique Medicaid expansion plan. Healthy Utah will create affordable private market-based options for working individuals and families, ensure vulnerable Utahns have access to health coverage, and bring Utahns’ tax dollars back to the state. Additionally, the plan will ensure the health and financial security of thousands of Utah families in need.

Healthy Utah
Please visit to sign up for communications that will keep you up-to-date during the legislative session. You can also join the conversation on Twitter, @uwsl, with hashtags #utleg and #utpol.

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