Chelsea Nelsonby Chelsea Nelson
Senior Director of Content and Digital Marketing

We are excited to do a feature on each of the Changemaker honorees for the upcoming United for Change event on May 18!

What is a Changemaker?

Changemakers work with others to achieve results that can’t be achieved alone. Being a Changemaker requires passion, long-term commitment, generosity, hands-on involvement, and a shift from ideas to actions. The 2016 Changemaker Awards for Corporate and Civic Leadership are awarded to business and civic leaders or organizations that have worked with others to create measurable change in our community. Through dedication and teamwork, they create lasting impact, inspire action, and are a force for good. Changemakers are found in every corner of our community, whether they are entire organizations or one single individual. By tirelessly working on our community’s toughest issues, they multiplied the effects of positive change and made Utah a better place to live. At United Way of Salt Lake, we are grateful for efforts that inspire the Changemaker in everyone.

We hope you will join us in celebration of their
contributions at this fun and inspiring event!

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Today, we are thrilled feature 2016 Changemaker, Jadee Talbot,
Principal at Woodrow Wilson Elementary Community School! 

Jadee TalbotJadee Talbot is principal of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Granite District, located in South Salt Lake. While relatively new to the concept of a community school, Principal Talbot immediately saw the potential of collaboration and has been a proactive leader in making the most of the community school partnership. Going beyond simply allowing nonprofit partners to provide services in the school, he has used his convening power and leadership skills to bring those partners together and has created an environment of alignment and shared accountability for student outcomes.

Jadee is the epitome of a leader with “yes in his heart” and a fierce dedication to student success, despite the many challenges his students face. His positive and energetic leadership is an example throughout our network and an inspiration to all of us.

It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we honor Jadee Talbot as a 2016 Changemaker.