frendt-zeniaby Zenia Frendt
Resource Development Executive

In conjunction with kicking off its first ever United Way of Salt Lake workplace campaign, 24 Hour Fitness is doing something even more exciting – sponsoring a 5k run to help change the odds for kids and families in our community!  While 24 Hour Fitness is new to working with United Way of Salt Lake, the organization has always found a way to get involved in the local area. With United Way of Salt Lake, 24 Hour Fitness is utilizing TeamRaiser software to its full potential.


TeamRaiser is fundraising software which allows companies to reach out to their own networks in order to mobilize support around a specific event. UWSL has been working with 24 Hour Fitness to create a TeamRaiser webpage which will act as registration for the 5k so that 24 Hour Fitness staff can sign up for the run, as well as provide tools to engage employees’ networks and friends to get involved.

The manager of each 24 Hour Fitness health club in the Salt Lake area will act as a team leader. The competition is on to see who can sign the most people up to participate. Patrons, who work out at the Trolley Corners club, for example, will be encouraged to join their own club’s team. When landing on the webpage, participants will have various options for signing up. In addition to choosing a team, there will be options for kids, pre-registration benefits, and even a “sleep runner” alternative (for those who may want to support a good cause, but also know the value of a Saturday morning spent in bed).

United Way of Salt Lake is proud to be able to offer different options for companies and individuals to become involved in our work. This innovative software is another great way  our community can get involved to create positive changes. Teamraiser can be used many different ways: 5k run, bike rides, or simply just getting friends and family involved.

For many organizations like 24 Hour Fitness, a 5k makes a lot of sense. Since becoming involved with United Way of Salt Lake, 24 Hour Fitness has declared a dedication to the “health” aspect of our pipeline. This has been a great way for 24 Hour Fitness to encourage healthy behaviors and combine these efforts with giving back to the community.

24 Hour Fitness will hold its 5K on Saturday, August 17. Visit the TeamRaiser page to register or get more details!


By encouraging employees, networks, and friends to run in support of United Way of Salt Lake, 24 Hour Fitness shows us all what it means to LIVE UNITED.