frendt-zeniaby Zenia Frendt
Resource Development Executive

Congratulations to 3M!

3M was recently awarded United Way Worldwide’s top honor, the Spirit of America Award, for its commitment to making an impact in our community. 3M consistently supports United Way through giving campaigns and volunteer projects, and is one of only four companies to have received this prestigious Spirit of America award twice.

This year in Salt Lake, 3M has demonstrated its support by running a campaign which incorporates UWSL’s best practices. This includes support from the top, participation in our annual Day of Caring, and giving its employees the chance to tour local Neighborhood Centers. 3M also has a dedicated committee, bringing two months of events to the local office that range from spa days to BBQ’s, to a “Change for Change” drive.

3M Health Information Systems President, Jon Lindekugel, was present for the United Way kick-off here in Salt Lake, adding his comments about the good he has personally seen United Way do for communities and families. Jon also joined a tour of a UWSL Neighborhood Center, and truly leads his team by example.

The team at UWSL wants to thank 3M, especially Salt Lake City’s local 3M Health Information Systems branch, for all of the hours spent planning and running such a terrific giving campaign, as well as its employees dedication to volunteering in our community.  Every day, 3M is helping us change the odds for kids and families!

DSCN0699President Jon Lindekugel accepting the Spirit of America award!