Emilia ComaiBy Emilia Comai
Community and Advocacy Engagement Coordinator

I know what you’re thinking. We published this blog post too early: the election isn’t until November! Well, you’re half right. The general election IS in November; Tuesday, Nov. 8th to be exact. However, we’re posting this just in time for the primary election on Tuesday, June 28.

This means there are 5 things you need to know NOW about elections in Utah:

1) Know the basics.

So yes, there’s a primary election being held on Tuesday, June 28. You might know that already if you’ve received your ballot in the mail last week. If you didn’t get a ballot in the mail: either your county doesn’t vote by mail, or there is no primary election in your area. You can look up the basic information on your voter profile here.

2) What’s on my ballot?

What is on your ballot depends on a few different things: if you’re a registered member of a political party, what district you live in, and if the candidates running qualified for a primary race out of the state conventions. There is also a section that lists school board members. There are a few ways you can learn more about the candidates running, if your ballot includes initiatives, or who’s running for school board. To understand your ballot further, go here to see a sample ballot!

P.S. The school board is a critical section of your ballot…don’t skip over it! Check out the School Board section of our website: uw.org/schoolboard to find out more about what the School Board does, and more information on candidates.

3) Vote EARLY.

You don’t have to wait until June 28 to cast your ballot. If you’ve received your ballot in the mail, send it in! If you did not receive a ballot, you can still vote at certain locations before the 28th. Learn how to vote early here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.00.54 PM4) Share with others.

Once you’ve sent your ballot in, or voted at your polling place, share a selfie or the “I Voted” image provided. Encourage your friends to get out their vote! Follow Utah’s election center on Twitter for all things voting: @ElectionsUtah.

5) What happens next?

To gear up for the November election, make sure you’re registered to vote, with your current address. Learn about the candidates running for office in your district and contact them. Let them know what issues you care about!

2016 Primary Election FAQ’s

Vote Early