ashley_2011Andrea Coxby Ashley Hillman
and Andrea Cox
Community Collaborations Directors


Building comprehensive support from cradle-to-career is s
omething that takes time, passion, and commitment. Prior to February 2013, Promise South Salt Lake hosted an amazing network of educational, health, and community supports for families and kids from birth through 9th grade; focusing on Community Learning Centers at Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Granite Park Jr. High. Promise South Salt Lake also connected families with community resources at non-school based Centers in South Salt Lake (SSL).

Building the pipeline from elementary through high school, and then on to college and career, presents a unique but necessary challenge. A cradle-to-career pipeline is something that is imperative in truly making a difference for the students and families of SSL. Specifically, research tells us that the transitions from junior high to high school, and from high school to college, are pivotal moments in the lives of youth and often determine their success. Developing the full cradle-to-career pipeline in SSL is going to help provide the tools necessary for high school graduation, college completion, and ultimately stable employment!

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We are proud to announce that South Salt Lake’s home high school, Cottonwood High School, is now a fully committed partner in Promise South Salt Lake! United Way staff recently met with administrators, counselors, and faculty at Cottonwood High School about joining the Promise South Salt Lake cradle-to-career pipeline. They were excited about the Community Learning Center strategy and expressed their desire to connect and support the diverse populations that now make up Cottonwood High School’s student body. As students move from pre-k and elementary school up through junior high, and now through high school and on to college, they will have access to the same supports and resources. These resources are all aligned for their individual success, from birth through high school graduation and beyond.

The SSL community is strong and fearless. With a team of Roadrunners (Woodrow Wilson Elementary), Bobcats (Lincoln Elementary), Tigers (Roosevelt Elementary), Grizzlies (Granite Park Jr. High), and Colts (Cottonwood High School), you can’t go wrong!