timby Tim Harrison
Senior Community Investment Advisor

The Associated Food Stores consist of many of the grocery stores we know and love, including Dan’s, Dick’s, Macey’s, Lin’s, and Fresh Market. On top of providing super-fresh goods for us, they’re also champions of giving back to the community.

This week marks the end of a month-long volunteer recruitment effort to get employees, customers, and friends to sign up for Read. Graduate. Succeed. The corporate office has participated for about a year now, and after experiencing how flexible, organized, and rewarding the program was, they decided to roll it out to ALL 42 STORES in Utah. Here’s what one AFS volunteer said:

“I have to admit knowing that I made a difference in the life of a child was the best reward and I will continue to support, participate, and love this program! … When I read I was able to have my darling 16-year-old daughter come with me. What a great opportunity for her to realize at a young age that she can make a difference and she really enjoyed doing this.”

Thank you to Associated Food Stores, for rolling out the most ambitious Read. Graduate. Succeed. volunteer recruitment strategy yet! And, of course, thank you to our friends at AmeriCorps, Read Today, and other United Ways across Utah for making this all happen.

Pledge to support the program yourself today!

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