Dear Leadership Circle Members,

I was so humbled when I was asked to help lead this fantastic network of business and community leaders.

I have been a member of the board of directors for the past year, and in that time have developed a much deeper understanding of the important work being done at United Way of Salt Lake and its impact on our community. I view that work through two lenses, first as a mother of a young child and second, as a business executive. As a mom, I want all children to have the opportunities for success that my son has. Basic things like the ability to attend a good school, access to tutors and technology to optimize learning, and healthcare services that solve critical needs. As a business leader, I look for how resources are being used, how donations are leveraged, and what the return on that investment is.

United Way of Salt Lake’s commitment to a collective impact model provides greater accountability in the specific areas where the work is being focused. It helps ensure that your money is being put to its best use. I appreciate the business model mentality from United Way of Salt Lake, combined with a heartfelt focus on improving the odds for all children in Utah. 

I look forward to creating meaningful moments with all of you as we continue to help all children and families succeed, every step of the way, from cradle to career.

Thank you for your support,