timby Tim Harrison
Resource Development Executive

Congratulations to Tiffany Erickson of UPS Corporate Customer Service Center, for being our first finalist this year in the giveaway of a FREE one-year lease on a 2014 BMW, courtesy of BMW of Murray, and a free year of gas, courtesy of Tesoro!


Jealous of her inevitable fame behind the wheel of that whip, Tiffany’s colleagues begged to hitch a ride around the block with her. BMW of Murray obliged, naturally.

I felt so happy to surprise someone from UPS Corporate Customer Service Center, whose management and staff support our efforts so heartily. They have increased their year-round engagement with us this year about tenfold—including more service projects and more opportunities to learn about our work.

Thank you Tiffany and UPS for LIVING UNITED.

Good luck—I’m rooting for you!

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