Matt Potter, Cargillby Matt Potter
Maintenance Superintendent, Cargill Salt
Guest Blogger

Cargill just wrapped up its annual giving campaign at the Salt facility in Grantville, Utah. This year the team partnered with United Way of Salt Lake to create a new experience for our employees.

We brainstormed with Asia, Community Investment Advisor from United Way of Salt Lake, and came up with several ideas to engage our employees. The idea that really stuck with us was creating a volunteer opportunity for the local Boys and Girls Club during our giving event.

We were able to assemble over 350 snack packs and 20 hygiene kits for the local Boys and Girls Club during our campaign kickoff and we made the event interactive through a series of challenges.  Each station had a specific challenge such as using your non dominate hand, wearing a blindfold, using only grabbers, or wearing insulated gloves. These fun events were timed and the winning team was awarded a small prize.


We had to manage our typical campaign differently than previous years — but we were able to have enough meetings to allow every employee to hear the great message about the work of UWSL. But, those meetings also included other activities, such as competitive snack packs assembly lines and and interactive online giving opportunities. In the end, all of our 100 employees were able to participate!

The feedback received this year was fantastic. Employees appreciated being able to directly contribute through service during the campaign. It was not only fun, but the work of our employees had a direct impact on our community’s youth.

We look forward to holding a similar volunteer experience at our event next year. We owe a big thank you to United Way of Salt Lake for leading us on our journey to help support our local community!