Mike Wattsby Mike Watts
Community Investment Advisor

Cirris Systems – a small company filled with big hearts, cables, wires, and toast.

Unless you are a cable testing enthusiast, you may not have heard of Cirris Systems. For over 30 years, Cirris Systems has been a world leader in manufacturing cable testers. For almost as long, Cirris Systems employees have been giving to United Way of Salt Lake. In fact, 12 out of the 50 employees at Cirris Systems are members of the Diamond Donor network. These are donors that have contributed to United Way for 20 years or more!!
So, why are Cirris System employees so dedicated to making a difference in our community? This is how they answer that question in their own words:

“I feel blessed with the job I have and the friends I work and associate with. I have been fortunate enough to meet my needs and fulfill many of my wants. There are people in our community that are not as fortunate and sometimes need a helping hand.  There are many worthwhile organizations that have been established to help those who may be in need of assistance, and as much as one would like to, it is impossible to give to all of them.  I like that United Way works with many different organizations to help individuals and families within a community become stronger and more self sufficient, rather than just apply a “band-aid” to temporarily fix a problem. I do not have the knowledge to do this, and the fact that 100 percent of my donation goes to meet community needs is a plus when choosing which organization to contribute to. Also the payroll deduction option makes donating easy and hassle free.” –Anonymous

“United Way of Salt Lake has always shown they do what they claim they do.”  –Tony

“I often see people in the community that need help. I feel that by giving through United Way of Salt Lake, my giving can be the most effective.”  –Kevin

“I want to help in the community but don’t know where the needs are. This is a perfect way to contribute to the community and know that my money is being used in the best possible way.”  –Annette

“Being able to see what United Way of Salt Lake has done for communities in need has been a major driving factor in my contributing. It is amazing to think that children and families are able to receive healthcare and get the education they deserve because of contributions to United Way!”  –Sheena

Thank you, Cirris Systems, for LIVING UNITED!!!

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