by Gavin Reese

Ray, Quinney and Nebeker

Young Leader Chair

I am honored to announce that the 2012 Young Leader Member of the Year is Greg Summerhays!!

The Young Leader Member of the Year exemplifies outstanding commitment to creating lasting change by promoting philanthropy and civic engagement with the next generation of business and community leaders.

Greg was one of our first members of Young Leaders and he has been among the most outstanding and dedicated. His contributions to the development and activities of Young Leaders have helped increase the influence and visibility of the group. He is a quiet advocate and motivates others to get involved through his actions.

Aside from his work volunteering and advocating for early childhood education and on behalf of immigrants and refugees with the Young Leaders, Greg has also served on numerous other UWSL boards and committees.

Greg never hesitates to volunteer his time and resources. We are so lucky to have him as an engaged member of our group and a dedicated volunteer. He is committed to our community and to making it a better place for all of us to live and work and raise a family.

Thank you Greg, for all you do–you are so deserving of this award. Congratulations!

Join with us in celebrating Greg and a great
year for all of our Young Leaders at the

Young Leader Annual Event on FRIDAY NIGHT!
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