nathan_salazarby Nate Salazar
Community School Coordinator, Cottonwood High School

After many conversations and hiring a Community School Coordinator, Cottonwood High School is quickly progressing towards completing the cradle to career pipeline in United Way’s Promise South Salt Lake partnership. As the Community School Coordinator at Cottonwood High School, communication and building meaningful relationships with the administration, faculty, and staff is a main focus. Everyone at Cottonwood High School is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all students. Principal Alan Parrish believes that creating a this kind of warm environment is a key component to educational success for the diverse student body.

In May, Cottonwood High School administration and staff leadership sat down with United Way of Salt Lake for their first meeting to set a vision for the school and discuss the community school strategy. Cottonwood High School is the first high school to join United Way of Salt Lake’s Promise Partnerships, which is very exciting. There was high energy in the meeting and an authentic conversation about the needs of this unique and diverse school. Partners walked away with a clearer understanding of what it will take to achieve long-term student success.


Looking ahead, United Way of Salt Lake is excited to support Cottonwood High School in its goals and objectives. By working in partnerships throughout the cradle to career pipeline, students in South Salt Lake will be able to access resources that will allow them to be successful for their entire lives. The leadership team plans to meet regularly to follow-up on previous conversations and take steps towards aligning goals, strategies, and programming for all of the Cottonwood Colts!

Cottonwood is truly a unique school. United Way of Salt Lake will
support the administration as they continue to make progress.
Together we will make it happen and LIVE UNITED!