By Cathy Angstman
Vice President of Wells Fargo, and WPN Member

I have participated in Day of Caring many times over the last twenty years, but this year was my favorite experience.  I went to Granite Park Junior High and spoke with kids about my career in banking and how important education is to achieving goals in your life.  I told the kids about my journey to get a college education and then going on to get a Masters Degree.  I told them that I used to be shy and it was hard for me to talk in front of people, but getting going through college really helped not to be shy anymore.  We talked about all of the different things I had done in my career to finally get to what I do now.

This experience was a real eye opener and it confirmed for me how important the WPN’s initiative to educate young women on the importance of education.  There was such a wide range of diverse students at the school and they asked lots of questions about technology and personal things – even what kind of car I drove.  Most of the kids listened very intently and you could tell they were hungry for information and interested in what it’s like to be a successful adult.

This was a wonderful experience and makes me want to become even more involved in the WPN’s educational initiative.

To learn more about the Women’s Philanthropic Network’s Educational Initiative please go to or click here.

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