frendt-zeniaby Zenia Frendt
Resource Development Executive

Thirty years ago, while working with Associated Foods, JoLynn Hinerman’s husband was participating in a United Way workplace campaign. “He just seemed so enthusiastic about it, so moved by it, that I accompanied him while he delivered a bin of pumpkins to a school. He wanted to make sure that every child had a pumpkin, and the experience just touched me.” And thus began JoLynn’s lifelong relationship with United Way of Salt Lake.

Jo Hinerman 06Over the years, JoLynn has discovered a variety of ways to engage with United Way of Salt Lake. From leadership roles in her companies’ campaigns, to volunteer projects such as planting flowers and bushes at The Road Home, to attending events like Day of Caring, JoLynn has remained steadfast in her support. “I’ve been proud of what I’ve done, and I have so enjoyed seeing what United Way does for our community.”

When asked if she prefers her funds to go to any specific cause, JoLynn replied that over the years she had personal reasons to designate her money to specific foundations, but a moving incident eventually changed that:

“I knew a woman with two small children who was going through a rough period and was struggling. She came down to her last box of macaroni and cheese – the last box of food in the whole house. When she opened it, it was filled with bugs. She called United Way, and later that day they brought her family food. She has given to United Way every year since and even told me, ‘I would give them the shirt off my back’.”

Years later, JoLynn is still moved by this recollection. This story reaffirmed JoLynn’s own relationship with United Way of Salt Lake and she says it was around this time “when I decided to give my money to United Way because I know it is going where it is most needed.”

JoLynn is currently at Harland Clarke, a company that is very involved with United Way of Salt Lake. At Harland Clarke, she has been able to continue her involvement in helping to change the odds for kids and families through its workplace campaign as well participating in events such as Stuff the Bus, leadership weeks, and corporate volunteer projects.

At United Way of Salt Lake, JoLynn is a Diamond Donor, as she has been giving to UWSL for over twenty years. United Way of Salt Lake would like to thank you, JoLynn. We know that it is because of the dedication and involvement of individuals like you that we are able to help families succeed from cradle to career. Your constant support of UWLS’s work over the years is a truly great example of what it means to LIVE UNITED.