United Way of Salt Lake would like to thank all the members of our dedicated Donor Networks, who spent time volunteering on Day of Caring! Leadership Circle and Young Leaders spent the day at Granger Elementary reading with and tutoring some amazing kids, while Women’s Leadership Council spent the day at Granite Park Jr. High talking about their careers and education!

Here are what a few of our members had to say about their experience on Day of Caring:

Leadership Circle

Prior to attending Day of Caring with Leadership Circle at Granger Elementary, I attended a business meeting at the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. When I walked into the meeting, four other people were there in their LIVING UNITED t-shirts. We all talked about where we were headed after the meeting for Day of Caring. Some were painting, some were weeding, some were reading to school kids. It was great to be in a meeting with a lot of people in shirts and ties and business attire with us in our LIVE UNITED shirts. Great Stuff!David Smith, Leadership Circle Member

IMG_9755 IMG_9754Young Leaders

Young Leaders spent this year’s Day of Caring reading and doing learning activities with kids at Granger Elementary School. I had the pleasure of reading with Sebastian and Aaron. Their enthusiasm for learning was infectious and their cute smiles and laughter made my morning.

After reading, the teacher told the kids to clear off their desks and then she proceeded to squirt a small pile of shaving cream on each one of their desks. I was both shocked and amazed. Who in their right mind would give shaving cream to kindergarten kids? Don’t we normally try and keep that stuff away from them? Boy was I wrong. She then proceeded to show the kids how they could draw in the shaving cream with their fingers and make letters and shapes. The kids loved it! They showed us what letters they knew and we prompted them to make different shapes and designs. I loved how the teacher incorporated this creative idea to help the children practice the important skills they are learning everyday. It was a great morning and I wish that I could spend every morning volunteering in that classroom with those kindergarten kids.Greg Summerhays, Young Leaders Chair


IMG_9761 Women’s Leadership Council

Never forget that it is the choices you make every day that will determine your future. Every day, you make a choice to do your homework or not to do it. Make the smart choices!” This advice from Women’s Leadership Council member Cathy Angstman was only one of several gems passed on to Granite Park Jr. High students by WLC members for Day of Caring. Members came out on Thursday to speak to the 9th grade class about their own careers and education, focused on what kids can be doing right now in order to prepare for a brighter future.

Tania Miller shared some of her own experiences in junior high, especially feelings of not belonging and feeling like she didn’t fit in. But, she said, “we cannot dwell on the negative aspects of our lives, because everyone around you is also going through something. What’s important is to not let negativity drag you down, but to channel that into something positive. Show up. Do the work. Achieve.

When the panel had finished, even the teachers came up to WLC members afterwards, saying that the advice they gave out about lessons long learned was good to hear even as an adult. WLC member, Melisse Grey, summed it up well by saying, “We had great energy at the Granite Park Jr. High panel, from both the presenters and the audience!” Thank you to all of the amazing women who came out to inspire the kids at GPJH!

WLC Panel I WLC Panel IVThank you to all of our Donor Network members for a great Day of Caring!