by Beth Garstka

Guest Blogger, English Skills Learning Center

Every December we hold an open house to allow our students, volunteers, and community partners to interact with one another.  We are grateful to all 200 people who attended our holiday open house on Wednesday, December 7th. It was simply a delightful time.

After asking the ESLC Board of Directors and staff what their highlight of the night was they shared the following moments:

It was pure pleasure seeing students’ and volunteers’ children playing together. Their different languages posed no barrier to interaction.

We also enjoyed catching up with friends while making some new ones. 

We loved playing typing skills games with the kids in the computer lab.  

We had a wonderful moment presenting Vickie Steffey with the Volunteer of the Month award.  

Another favorite part was answering the students’ surveys. They’re doing such a great job! (And definitely learned how to spell December by the end of the night . . .)!

We were thoroughly impressed with our students and their commitment to completing those dessert tickets! I love their willingness to put themselves out there and communicate without the fear of making a mistake.

Last, but certainly not least, it was fun to watch a student who won a pencil pouch: he asked his friend to take a picture of him accepting the prize from a staff member.

A special thank you goes to Harmon’s Grocery Store, Rico Mexican Market, Costco and Blue Nile Private Catering for donating or extremely discounting the delicious food.  If you feel like you missed out, please read an article from the and photos on our Facebook page.