by Kip Crawford
Fairchild Semiconductor

This year, Fairchild Semiconductor employees were able to volunteer at PAL Boxing Center.  PAL Boxing Center has an afterschool program that offers children a place to do their homework as well as stay active when not in school.  The PAL staff is very dedicated to their jobs and the children enjoy being around them.  During our time there, we played our own version of “Minute to Win It,” which was a lot of fun!

The children and the Fairchild staff were split up into groups and we competed against each other in various games.  The kids really worked well in teams and were motivating their teammates to complete the different games.  After we were done playing games, the staff told the children that it was time for “Kids Cafe.” I was amazed when I saw all of the kids work together to get tables and chairs out for their after school meal.  Once that was over with, half of the children went to their boxing lesson while the other half stayed with us to play dodge ball.  By far this was my favorite activity and I think it was the children’s favorite as well.  Everyone was cheering on their teammates to win the most epic battle of dodge ball in the history of dodge ball!

Something so simple as a game of dodge ball can teach kids to work as a team, and that’s exactly what they did.  In the end there was no clear winner, each team equally won the same amount of games.  I really enjoyed my time at PAL Boxing Center.  The kids were great and the staff was amazing.  I hope I get another opportunity to help out at PAL and I’m always happy to volunteer with the United Way of Salt Lake.

A huge thanks to the employees from Fairchild Semiconductor who took the time to volunteer in the community! Fairchild Semiconductor really knows what it means to LIVE UNITED!