Are you planning to pay down some debt in 2012? The Believe website is full of resources to assist you. Check out this short list of links or click here for a more comprehensive list.

Power Pay
Power Pay is a computer debt management program created by Utah State University Extension. Using information about each of your debts, the program computes how long it will take you to get completely out of debt. With Power pay once you have paid off one debt, you roll that payment on to another debt, thus increasing the payment made on the second debt. If you keep rolling over payments, you’ll pay off your debt faster!

Digging Out of Debt
The secret to paying off credit-card debt is very simple: All you need to do is earn more than you spend and apply the savings toward paying down your debt. This resource offers tips and guidance to help you sort out your finances in order to make sure you can put a good dent in your debt balances.

How Serious is your Debt?
Money worries are a significant cause of stress. The pressure of being in debt makes it hard to worry about everyday living expenses. Before debt begins to pile up, learn about some common warning signs that you could be headed for financial trouble.