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UPS has been partnering with United Way for over 30 years, and is currently in the midst of another incredible campaign. I asked a few of its leaders to share with me how they felt about the campaign and what it means to LIVE UNITED! Here are a few thoughts from Bruce Heckler (Site Manager, UPS Global Business Services – Salt Lake), Neila Jordan (Operations Manager – Salt Lake City, UPS Freight Forwarding), Stefanie Olsen (Operations Manager Ups Mail Innovations), and Joe Braham (Salt Lake Division Manager UPS – Desert Mtn.):

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What part of the United Way of Salt Lake mission/message is most compelling to you and your team?

Bruce: “Changing the odds” for everyone are the words that mean the most to me. In some cases, not everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed and that is where United Way of Salt Lake helps. United Way of Salt Lake has so many different programs that can help support the people in need.

Neila: That UWSL is helping local families and that there are measurable improvements.  My office team was very impressed with the work of the Neighborhood Centers and Community Schools.

Stefanie: Helping our community!

Joe: It is easy for employees of UPS to share a “common thread” with United Way of Salt Lake, starting with the amount of years the organization has been making a positive change in the community – similar to UPS, it exceeds 100 years.

Why do you feel it is important for UPS to run a United Way campaign?

Bruce: Everyone is so busy with work and their families we sometimes forget about the other people around us; the people that are struggling to make ends meet. The single parent that has to choose between affordable day care, or clothes for their children. The people that have children with special needs or elderly parents that need daily care.
Our United Way of Salt Lake campaign reminds everyone that there are people in our local community that need help, and United Way can’t do it without our investments in their work — be it financial support or by volunteering our time.

Neila: UPS feels very strongly about being part of the community.  Our United Way campaign is a great way for UPS to make a difference in our area.

Stefanie: Because we need to give back to our community.

Joe:  Our Mission is to “Lead by example as a responsible, caring, and sustainable company making a difference in the communities we serve, so it is easy to draw the comparison,” and we fulfill this mission with our support of United Way of Salt Lake and through volunteerism. Most compelling to me and my team are the results we see when programs such as cradle to kindergarten prove to advance the education and improvement in living for the children within our community. It is always beneficial to have representatives of United Way of Salt Lake, or those members of the community who have been personally impacted, share their story with those at UPS. It’s the stories and sharing that encourages support and lends value to our United Way campaign which we hold annually. Our campaigns importance is qualified by the number of individuals whose lives improve as a results of it.

What does it mean to you to LIVE UNITED?

Bruce: We have to work together to make a difference. Yes, individuals can make small changes, but a team of people can make a huge impact. By LIVING UNITED we can help the WORLD.

Neila: To be involved with my community. GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER. is a great slogan and goal for all of us.

Stefanie: Helping people that are in need of assistance. As many are aware, there may be a time when we may need help.

Joe: As our Mission states, leading by example in our communities to make a difference is what we strive to do as good corporate citizens. “LIVING UNITED” is another term for our Mission, and understanding that we are part of the community that we do business in, therefore, the stronger it is….the stronger we all are.

Thank you   UPS for being such a terrific partner
and for showing us all how to LIVE UNITED!

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