frendt-zeniaby Zenia Frendt
Leadership Giving Director

Congratulations to Dru Doxey, our latest finalist for the giveaway of a FREE one year lease on a 2014 BMW from BMW of Murray and a FREE year’s worth of gas from Tesoro!

Dru was summoned into a conference room where a group of her colleagues (including the Director of the Harland Clarke Customer Contact Center) were waiting to surprise her. At first she looked a little nervous about what could be going on. Then her eyes went to the LIVE UNITED balloons and the shiny red car out the window, and a huge smile spread across her face. We all went outside to watch her take the beautiful BMW out for a ride.

DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0010

Good luck, Dru, and thank you for LIVING UNITED!