Newton Gborwayby Newton Gborway

Community School Director

As a Community School Director at West Kearns Elementary, one of the most rewarding moments is working with parents, students, and staff.  Added to that, working with diverse partners within the community is a great effort that pays off as well. One of our partners, Utah Partners for Health, provides a mobile vision clinic that comes to our school and provides new eyeglasses for students with vision problems. The partnership is not only interesting but, most of all, it is a rewarding experience for all of us.

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The project works as follows: A couple of weeks before the event, I provide students with a permission form to obtain their parents’ consent. Most of the parents respond favorably and are happy to learn that the Vision Clinic will be coming to their children’s school to give examinations and distribute eye glasses to those in need free of charge.

The day of the event, I organize the setting, putting out chairs and tables. When the the crew arrives, I welcome them to our school and make them feel comfortable before going to different classrooms to get students who signed up to participate in the events. I must say, the participation list is lengthy! I am impressed to see how students are willing to learn more about issues related to vision and also happy to get their eye glasses. After each appointment, I escort students back to their classrooms.

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Although with our recent mobile clinic, not all students were able to get eyeglasses due to spring break, I contacted their parents to come pick up the glasses as soon as they arrived at the school. Parents who showed up to pick up the glasses expressed their gratitude and happiness. One of them thanked me for being a great support to the school and for helping the kids to improve their reading ability. She said: “My son told me he could not read because he could not see letters very well. I was trying to save some money to take him to the eye doctor but you saved me; and my child will be able to read better.”  Listening to such comments makes me feel useful in the community and it reminds how valuable my job is. Nothing makes me happier than helping my students!

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To finish, I am grateful to be part of a great team that eases my task of coordinating services for the school where I work.  Putting smile on students’ and their parents’ faces is an important factor of my work!