by Alan Pohlman

Guest Blogger, President of HyperX Media

Last Friday afternoon a small group of Young Leaders had a wonderful time at the YMCA Community Family Center.  A special project was organized that allowed us to read Holiday books and make crafts with about 25 children who are in the after-school program.  I thoroughly enjoyed being there and making several new friends.  It was the perfect way to start the weekend.

The YMCA after-school program is set up to be a safe learning and activity haven for children.  United Way purchased many winter and holiday books to donate to the YMCA center.  We had the privilege of breaking into small groups to read the books with the children.  I quickly made four new friends as I read The Polar Express with four great kids.  The children were eager to take turns turning the pages as we read our way through our train adventure to the North Pole.

Next, we had fun at the craft station making huge snowflakes and decorating Frosty the Snowman pictures.  I made more friends at our table and really enjoyed jazzing up our Frosty pictures.  Someone figured out that you could make it snow tiny little snowflakes by rubbing the Styrofoam crayon inserts together.  The kids decorated their frosty pictures with cotton ball snowballs and Styrofoam snowflakes.  A few of them must have thought I was a Frosty because they had a blast making it snow on top of my head – which I didn’t mind at all.  I drew a University of Utah “U” on my Frosty’s hat and it quickly caught on.  Soon we had a whole table of Utah snowmen!  I was impressed at how quickly and well all the children cleaned up the station, especially with all the tiny snowflakes everywhere.

I am sure everyone will agree that it was a fun afternoon.  The children were all very well behaved and knew the core values of the Center.  Thanks to the wonderful staff at the YMCA for facilitating this event.  And thanks to United Way of Salt Lake for donating the books and giving us the opportunity to have a fun afternoon with so many sweet children.  May your Holidays be filled with the spirit of giving and service.