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Content Marketing Manager

The collective impact work of United Way of Salt Lake, along with nearly 400 local businesses and nonprofits, is making a positive impact on entire communities. We seek results that demonstrate that all families and children have opportunities for success. With that in mind, we also try to not lose sight of individual stories of impact—people whose lives are improved by the right combination of their own perseverance as well as access to high-quality services. Adriana’s story is exactly that, and I had the honor of getting to know her family and their tremendous effort to find happiness in Salt Lake City.

Adriana Lopez was born and raised in Mexico but immigrated to Utah in search of opportunity. Once here, she was quickly faced with the realization that in order to be successful, she had to learn English and acquire skills necessary for employment. She and her husband, Luis, graciously opened their home and lives to talented videographer Kelsie Moore and me, to help tell their story. It’s a story about how the aligned services available at Guadalupe School, a community school that partners with United Way of Salt Lake, changed the odds for her and her family.

Adriana's Story

Please enjoy this video and, like Adriana, become inspired to give back to our community.

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Adriana's Story

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