by Melissa Bowers

Guest Blogger
Volunteer & Internship Coordinator at The Living Planet Aquarium

Summer of Service is a great way to incorporate and reward youth volunteers for 2012. The Living Planet Aquarium has taken part in this program since we started our volunteer program in 2009. Each month The Living Planet Aquarium has excellent opportunities through various service projects for our volunteers to take part in and make a difference in our neighborhood.  Each of these opportunities plays an integral role in improving the health and quality of our natural environment. Other projects such as park beautification help make a difference in our local communities by creating a safe and clean destination for everyone to enjoy. Through Summer of Service, The Living Planet Aquarium is able to give back to the local communities, showing our gratitude for their years of support as well as continue the aquarium mission in conserving the world’s diverse ecosystems here in Utah and globally.

Summer of Service has helped The Living Planet Aquarium tremendously by increasing the youth involvement in these important service projects. It is important to not only use these events as a way to give back but also to teach youth about specific areas of interest. Summer of Service has also provided our aquarium with opportunities that touch potential volunteers beyond the borders of Salt Lake County.

By broadening our range, The Living Planet Aquarium is then able have a larger impact on preventing further damage to the watershed. In turn, we can keep our oceans cleaner and healthier as well as teach and inspire youth throughout Utah to get involved in projects they enjoy. The Summer of Service program has also been a vital source for invaluable youth volunteers who want to make a difference and help to make these service projects successful!

So, get your kids involved in United Way of Salt Lake’s Summer of Service program and maybe we will see you at The Living Planet Aquarium or the many other volunteer opportunities that UWSL can connect you with!  LIVE UNITED!

Dial 2-1-1 for more information or visit the website!