Mike Wattsby Mike Watts
Community Investment Advisor

Jacob Weideman, a payment services representative with Comcast, shares his story about why he contributes to United Way of Salt Lake.

“There are numerous reasons why any of us donate to anybody or any specific organization. With United Way of Salt Lake, I know my contribution will go where it is needed most. I choose to donate to United Way simply, because I enjoy helping others. I smile when I see that I have contributed to someone else’s smile.”

Jacob Weideman

Currently, more than 1,000 out of approximately 1,400 Comcast employees in Utah are donating a portion of their paychecks through their local United Way. Through the end of 2016, these employees, plus those who opted for a one-time donation, have pledged to donate over $162,000 in Utah alone.

Each year we are inspired by Comcast coworkers and their generosity.

Thank you for all you do to #ChangeTheOdds for kids and families in our community!

YOU make a difference.