by Jeannine Orr
Corporate Relations Director

Despite closing their Utah office in 2010, the handful of Intel employees who remain in Utah continue to be incredibly strong supporters of their community and United Way of Salt Lake.  I was fortunate to witness their community spirit first-hand when I was able to join Intel for their annual volunteer project last week.

Sporting their blue “Intel Involved” shirts, everyone met at the Utah Food Bank bright and early and after a quick briefing, everyone was off and running!  From unpacking cartons of eggs and preparing them to be delivered to the elderly, to scooping and measuring massive bags of beans and packaging them into smaller 1 lb. bags–much was accomplished!  There was a lot of joking, laughing, and carrying on and before we knew it, our projects were completed and it was time to go.  The sense of camaraderie was inspiring and I can honestly say that I could’ve spent the entire day with the Intel group!

Thank you, Intel, for LIVING UNITED!  We appreciate your ongoing support!