drew_martinezby Drew Martinez
Leadership Giving Director

Leadership Circle members had a unique opportunity to talk to kids at Central Park Community Center (FKA PAL Boxing Center) and Granite Park Junior High about the road to their careers and life lessons learned along the way. This was our first volunteer opportunity for Leadership Circle and it was a great way to start things off! I was so impressed by the challenges some of our Leadership Circle members faced and how they were able to overcome and become the impressive men and women they are today. The kids were asking great questions and were genuinely interested in what these inspirational men and women had to say. Below are some life lessons the kids at Central Park learned from some of our Leadership Circle members.

“Life is all about choices. Your circumstances only determine your starting point. Take advantage of what you have around you. You have time to be and do something great. The difference between success and failure is the number of people you impact, and the time you invest doing what you are passionate about.” Inspirational words from Michael Anglin from UPS!

“Be on time. Do more than what is expected. Ask how I can help.” These are some of the life and career lessons Cossette Morton from Wells Fargo Bank shared with the kids, along with some great mini footballs!

“Get your foot in the door at a company and the opportunities are endless. Work hard. Get involved in extracurricular activities during school to stay active, make friends, keep out of trouble, and better yourself. Find ways to separate yourself from others when applying for jobs.” Some great nuggets of wisdom, shared by Ed Fowler from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

What great advice! On behalf of the kids and staff at Central Park Community Center and Granite Park Junior High, and United Way of Salt Lake, thank you Leadership Circle volunteers for participating in these career presentations. You are great examples for all of us and truly show what it means to LIVE UNITED!