Martinez, Drewby Drew Martinez
Leadership Giving Director

The first year of United Way of Salt Lake Leadership Circle officially ended on June 30. Thanks to our very generous and committed members of Leadership Circle, we saw some amazing results!

We increased our membership by 145 members for a total of 160 members.

Whether it be from the remarkable workplaces campaigns that are run every year, or individuals seeking out an outlet for their community involvement needs, we increased membership in multiple venues. 248

Leadership Circle members donated over $385,000 to help change the odds for at-risk children.

Every day we see amazing results from the work we’re doing in the community. We have seen math skills increase by 13 percent for eight graders in our Promise Partnerships, and refugee youth reading proficiency increase by 11 percent! These results only happen because of the generous financial donation of our members and thousands of other committed investors.

We had 32 members volunteer over 60 hours in South Salt Lake to help keep kids on track.

Seeing the compassion of our members at Central Park helping kids with their homework, reading Dr. Seuss books to kids at Roosevelt Elementary, or handing out warm winter clothing items for kids in South Salt Lake, was an inspirational experience. The time donated by our members is the most valuable thing we have, so thank you to those who put aside busy work schedules to volunteer with kids and see first-hand how their gifts are truly helping to change the odds.

Last, but not least, the Launch Party raised over $5,000 and was attended by 170 people, with six new members joining the network.

What a fun night! Individuals came out and mingled, played casino-themed games, and enjoyed live music, delicious food, and drinks — all while supporting Leadership Circle’s focus of ensuring kids are on track in reading, math, and science.

Again, thank you to the men and women that make up United Way of Salt Lake Leadership Circle! You all made it a great first year! I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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