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by Chelsea Nelson, Senior Director of Content and Digital Marketing 
and Tim Coray, Content Marketing Manager

Today, February 29, is Leap Day!

Here at United Way of Salt Lake, we like the idea that today is ONE WHOLE EXTRA DAY to do something great in our community! It can even be a simple gesture.

We’ve compiled a list of 24 easy and fun ways you can give back or positively impact someone else’s life with your 24 hours. We encourage you to share this list and challenge others to Change The Odds for someone else in our community today!

Today, on Leap Day, use the hashtag #LeapDay24 and share what you are doing with your extra 24 hours! Even if you just choose ONE thing from this list — you are making a difference with this gift of an extra day!


  1. Hold the door for someone.
  2. Take the pledge to put #UtahKidsFirst this legislative session.
  3. Sign up to read to kids on Dr. Seuss Day on WEDNESDAY! 
  4. Reconnect with a friend you’ve lost touch with.
  5. Host a book drive for a school in need.
  6. Send a thank you note to a person who mentored you.
  7. Bake a simple treat for a neighbor.
  8. Support a struggling student by tutoring.
  9. Smile at a passerby.
  10. Do what you can to support high-quality preschool and watch this inspiring video.
  11.  Let the person, who seems rushed, cut in front of you.
  12. Be patient with yourself and with others.
  13. Help an elderly relative learn about technology.
  14. Join the conversation on social media and spread the word about the importance of Changing the Odds.
  15. Offer to do the task no one else wants to do.
  16. Thank a co-worker for doing a good job.
  17. Compliment a stranger.
  18. Bring snacks to the office.
  19.  Advocate for important local issues.
  20. Pick up the tab for someone in a restaurant.
  21. Find out more about UWSL’s Donor Networks and get involved.
  22. Avoid participating in or spreading gossip.
  23.  Read an inspirational story here on Community Voice and share it with a friend.
  24.  Invest in your community.