Brian Andersonby Brian Anderson
Human Resources Generalist
PEGUS Research

Let me first introduce myself to those readers out there. I am Brian Anderson, an HR Generalist at PEGUS Research in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. I wanted to share today a little bit about how implementing service in the work place, as well as in our community, has become an important part of PEGUS Research.

In any profession, it is important to have mentors who help you find success. Some of my favorite quotes are from personal mentors of mine, and they help explain the importance of service in the workplace.

My favorite quote is by Theodore Roosevelt who said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

This quote rings true to me since I believe relationships are based on trust, not just reputation or education alone. As a new young Human Resource Associate in my first job out of college, I quickly learned that people confided in those they trusted, no matter their position or concerns. This was frustrating at first, since I wanted them to come to human resources with their employee issues. However, as I stepped back to look at the situation I soon understood why. I was new to them, I hadn’t helped them with any concerns yet, so why would they trust me over someone they worked with for years? Not knowing what to do, I went to one of my mentors who gave me the Roosevelt quote above. So, I started looking for ways to help my fellow coworkers, vendors, and clients with anything they needed in order to gain their trust. It did take time, but by putting their needs first, it built that needed trust. With that trust in place, over time, they started to turn to me for advice and resources. In the end, helping them with their work helped me be more successful in my work as well.

I hope what you can take away from this blog post is that our greatest successes in life and career are often found in helping others. At PEGUS, we try to not only show service within our workplace, but by also giving back in our community. As we prepare to kick-off our second United Way of Salt Lake campaign, our employees are participating in the annual Dr. Seuss Day event, where we will volunteer and read to kids. This will be the second year for us, and we are so excited to read with these great students. This is a reflection of what PEGUS employees value — service not only in the workplace, but in the community. We are proud to LIVE UNITED!

Dr Seuss Day