mccall-pitcherby McCall Pitcher
Community Investment Advisor

When I first visited Edwards Lifesciences’ facility in Draper, I couldn’t help but notice a poignant tagline posted in various places around the halls – “Helping patients is our life’s work, and Life is Now. Luckily for our community, it turns out, Edwards generously applies this mentality to its surrounding neighborhoods as well. I’ve seen first-hand how helping the community is also Edwards’ “life’s work”.

The company is not waiting to respond to increasing needs in Midvale City (located just a few minutes from their offices) – Edwards is acting now. It understands that businesses can play a key role in UWSL’s goal to support at-risk kids and families so they can be successful from cradle to career.

This year, Edwards Lifesciences is jumping at the opportunity to support our new partnership with Hillcrest High School (more coming on that soon!). Almost half of all Midvale students entering Hillcrest are already below grade level in reading and/or math. What’s more, one third of 9th and 10th graders currently have a failing cumulative GPA, so the need for strong mentors and tutors is great.

Edwards' Lifesciences

In a beautifully symbolic way, Edwards employees who have benefitted from the company’s internal mentorship program have agreed to give back to their community and mentor at-risk students at Hillcrest High School. Mentees will become mentors to help Hillcrest students make up failed credits to get back on track to graduate high school!

Edwards volunteers are also wrapping their arms around a Midvale neighborhood center next week to beautify the grounds and building – their work will benefit dozens of Midvale students who go to the center after school each day.

Ken Jose Rich Walt Library Project (002)

We look forward to Edwards’ Lifesciences “Give Where You Live” Employee Giving Campaign next week, and thank its employees for recognizing that Life is Now, and that their talents and generosity are transforming communities.

Nathan Tenzer, Edwards Lifesciences’ Director of Manufacturing, talks about why he supports United Way of Salt Lake:

“I love that United Way of Salt Lake gives me the ability to see in real time the impact my donations of both time and money are making.  When participating in community service projects I always involve my family. Whether it’s with my kids or just my wife, it’s very important to me that we, as a family, make a positive impact on the community around us.”

Thank you, Edwards’s Lifesciences, for helping
#ChangeTheOdds for kids and families in our community! 

Edwards Lifesciences