by Sofia Smith

Guest Blogger, Young Leader

Senior Credit Analyst, Zions Bank

This month United Way of Salt Lake’s Young Leaders gathered at Love Communications in downtown Salt Lake City for the Lunch with a Leader Series. Every month Young Leaders have the opportunity to attend a small roundtable discussion with various movers and shakers from the Salt Lake Valley. This is a great chance to engage successful individuals in an intimate setting.

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Tom Love, you need know only one thing: the man is a rock star. Nationally acclaimed for its work in several campaigns, Tom and Love Communications continues to excel in the industry.  Tom discussed his career path and gave small pieces of advice regarding success in the workplace.  The item he expressed as key to a successful career is the ability to build relationships with people and to maintain them.

So attention all you Young Leaders out there! Attend the next Lunch with a Leader event for a break from the mundane work day and learn from the brightest in Salt Lake Valley.  As Tom Love quoted: “80 percent of life is showing up.” –Woody Allen