drew_martinezby Drew Martinez
Leadership Giving Director

Earlier this month, Young Leaders had a very unique opportunity to sit down with the mayor of Salt Lake County, Ben McAdams. He discussed how he became involved with politics, why he supports early childhood education, and the importance of young professionals being involved in local, state, and federal government. Young Leaders all walked away with some valuable insights into how county government is run and ways that we, as emerging leaders, are crucial to the success of our community.


After the lunch some of us stayed behind and talked about how impressed we were by how Mayor McAdams has worked to find common ground. He has taken such a pragmatic and reasonable approach to developing public policy and he ends up bringing people together, rather than driving them apart. Yes, the mayor represents a certain party and yes he has his certain beliefs, but he made it clear that he listens to what people have to say and tries his hardest to find a way to come up with solutions that both sides can be comfortable with. To me, it really showed that Mayor McAdams is someone that LIVES UNITED.

Thank you Mayor McAdams for such an insightful lunch, your service on our board, and for being a fellow Young Leader!

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