With technology advancing at such a fast rate, managing money has become much more simple with a wide variety of online tools. Here are a few great budgeting tools that will help you create and manage a budget quickly and easily.

Zions Bank EZ Budget

Zions Bank’s eZ Budget is a free online tool available to anyone who wants to create budgets and achieve financial goals. You can plan events, budget for projects and gift giving, and track your monthly spending. Not a Zions Bank customer? No worries. Anyone can use the tool to create personalized budgets for every financial need – whether it’s a one-time project or your monthly budget that can be duplicated and updated from month-to-month. Best of all, your personalized budgets will always be accessible.


Yodlee.com is an online tool that allows you to view your income and expenses in one place. This free tool allows you to build a budget in a simple user-friendly environment. The secure site allows you to view all your balances and transactions and makes it easy for you to track, categorize, and analyze your spending.


Mint.com is another online budgeting tool that allows you to see all your accounts in one place. You can create a budget, track and categorize your expenses, and work towards your financial goals all in a safe and secure environment.

What budgeting tools are you using?