Martinez, Drewby Drew Martinez                                                                  Leadership Giving Director Young Leaders/Leadership Circle

At United Way of Salt Lake, our donors are an essential part in our work to change the odds for children and families. I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of our newest Young Leaders, Brandon Young. I was so inspired with what he had to say that I wanted to share part of our conversation.

Brandon YoungWhat have you taken away from your membership in Young Leaders?

I have gained a new perspective. We’ve all had tough days, life can seem really hard and our problems at times overwhelming. But when you sit down with a kid that isn’t sure if he’s going to see his mom after school because she’s working multiple jobs, your perspective definitely shifts. I’ve been exposed to people that have serious challenges that I just don’t experience, and they’re still hanging in there. It makes me see my struggles in a different light, and makes me really grateful for things I have otherwise taken for granted.

Why did you join Young Leaders?

I’m new to the area, I first saw it as a great networking group. My new supervisor used to be a Young Leader and she shared with me all the great opportunities and benefits to joining. After joining, I soon found out that networking wasn’t the only benefit of being a Young Leader.  I’ve really seen how my small part in giving back, combined with other young professionals, can really make a big difference! With over 350 members we’ve raised over $400,000 to support our community! That’s huge and it feels great to be a part of that.

What community issues are you most concerned with?

Supporting the youth in our community is what I’m passionate about.  I’m more aware of our younger generation and wanting to help them, to mold them, and shape them into successful adults. If my time spent with them can inspire them to achieve success in their life then I can feel better about my own success.  I’m an engineer by trade and my mind works in a very mechanical and quantitative way. When I think about the percentage of kids that may get into trouble, commit crime, or potentially not make it in life, it really concerns me. Now that I’m involved in United Way of Salt Lake and Young Leaders I’m excited to think that I can help change those statistics!

DSC_0039_result (2)Thank you Brandon for being a perfect example of what it means to LIVE UNITED! To find out more about Young Leaders and how you can get involved, please visit our website or contact Drew at or 801-746-2562.