Netflix employees had an amazing time volunteering during Dr. Seuss Day!

Read what they had to say! 

Dr Seuss Day

Why did you want to volunteer for Dr. Seuss Day?

“I wanted to volunteer because I remember experiencing Dr. Seuss Day as a child”

-Kennedy Reiter

“Because I love making a difference!  I also love kids and I’m passionate about academics and think it’s very important for children.”

-Kassi Wooten 

Reading is my very favorite thing! I wanted to share my passion for reading with the kids, and get them excited!

– Christy Godsey

– I volunteered for Dr. Seuss Day because it is a event that I have been actively involved in for many years. I was not able to read until 3rd grade due to a failed developmental project; I was in ¨slow reading groups¨ and developed a severe stutter due to my inability to sound out words but the worst of all, I completely lost interest reading. I hope no child will ever go through what I experienced and even if they have lost an appreciation for reading, events like Dr. Seuss Day will inspire them to find all the magical things reading has to offer. I truly believe that reading and having strong reading/comprehension skills is a vital part of a child’s confidence and social abilities that will shape who they become!

-Krystale Williamson

Dr Seuss Day

 What was your favorite part/experience?

“I liked seeing the reactions from the children in regards to our costumes. In between reading, it was fun to talk to the kids and to know that we were making memories for them.”

-Kayla Jenson

“How the kids reacted when they saw my “Cindy Lou Who” hair — they loved it and their eyes were so bright and the big smiles they had.”

-Zshezella Carbajal

“Definitely reading to the kids in K-2nd grade. They are all so smart and ambitious. They all wanted to read along and it’s so cute when they read each word and follow along with their fingers. They have so many ideas!! They wanted to sit in a circle and read and then they wanted to stand and read. They wanted to move to a different book if they got bored halfway through one book. It was so much fun!!”

-Kassi Wooten

Dr Seuss Day

What would you tell others who are thinking of getting involved?

“SIGN UP, get out there! There is nothing better then the feeling you get when helping others and having fun while doing so!”

-Sariah Medina

I would tell others who are thinking of getting involved to go for it! It was so fun as well as incredibly rewarding. It’s a really simple yet amazing way to give back to the community.

-Cassie Ogilvie 

“I would say do it! It’s rewarding to be able to put smiles on children’s faces. This is something they’ll always remember and can say “hey, remember that one time Netflix came to our school all dressed up?!” I think It’s amazing to have an impact like that on children.”

-Sabrina Howell

“The biggest thing I can share with someone who is thinking of getting involved is that you will absolutely benefit from participating in ways you may not realize. For example, we’ve all had a moment when we held a door open for someone when we really didn’t have to, or when we decided we would fight back the road rage and allow someone to merge in front of us during heavy traffic. Those small acts of kindness will no doubt make you feel better about yourself and brighten your day. As great as that is, nothing will ever compare to the feeling you get knowing that you have made a positive difference in someone else’s life that won’t be soon forgotten.”

-Alexandra Cornell

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss