by Ashley Hillman

Community Collaborations Director

I admit it. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. It’s true. Over the past couple of weeks as talk of resolutions are splayed all over the t.v., discussed on the radio and analyzed in the break room at work, I’ve found myself second-guessing myself for NOT setting resolutions. Yes, partly because I’d like to take part in the conversations at work or to feel part of a larger push to “better yourself”, along with the rest of the world, but also because it’s just kind of weird, isn’t it?

Upon lengthy reflection and self-evaluation, I realize that I don’t set resolutions once a year for two reasons: 1) I feel too locked into specific goals and 2) I have a GREATER sense of accomplishment each December 31 for what I actually DID accomplish the previous 365 days. Let me explain. I’m a Type A person and deep down, I think I might have a heart attack or go insane if I set resolutions and constantly failed to either meet them or meet them to my expectations….(which leads to another issue that might also require some self-evaluation.)

Drum roll, please. This year, I have decided to set a couple of small resolutions. I figure that if I start small, I’ll probably still be able to accomplish my goals, which are to try cooking or baking something new every couple of weeks and to make more of an effort to engage my friends in UWSL volunteer opportunities and events. Doable, right? Who knows. Maybe next year, I’ll have an entire list of goals! (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet!)