Kylee Larsen
Guest Blogger, Nordstrom

Being able to make a noticeable difference in the community is a feeling like no other. (The 90 degree weather with dirt blowing in the wind is also a feeling like no other!) Being able to volunteer through work with Nordstrom, alongside with United Way of Salt Lake and South Salt Lake City, was such an incredible experience.

Along with 20 interns, and other volunteers through the different organizations, we were hard at work for several hours. We dug up grass, cleaned up trash, and smoothed over the area. We were all dirty and exhausted by the end of the project.

We were also very proud and satisfied with the work we had done.

There are few tasks that make a person feel more accomplished than some good old fashioned labor. With the service project in South Salt Lake,we were able to start clearing out dead plants, and grass so that the area would soon be able to living plants and create a beautiful garden area.

It was such a fulfilling experience to be able to work with so many different organizations that came together to make this amazing project happen. I encourage you to get invovled with any projects available for volunteering to help the Salt Lake area and its residents — be a #SLChangemaker!


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